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The current version is V1.6.0

Download V1.6.0 (725kb) Inno Setup
(MD5 25a28a4900c34afe3d14d5e47be01b80)

Download V1.6.0 (701kb) Zipped Inno Setup
(MD5 0c3965ec7a740f625fbdcd8abbfedf83)

Older versions:

Download V1.5.0 (1138kb) Microsoft Installer
(MD5 7f610b4c63162395f9b49e8a2af4cbe2)

Download V1.5.0 (923kb) Zipped Microsoft Installer
(MD5 8cf990c0a6ef761cf0e472299bb1af21)

Download V1.4.2 (846kb) Microsoft Installer
(MD5 60299d570036992e69b0fc44d767e758)

Download V1.4.2 (648kb) Zipped Microsoft Installer
(MD5 50e2ea497be0024100971f9f1cbc6f23)

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  • Added new system folders
    • Desktop
    • Recent Places
  • Initial support for Windows 8


  • Reworked Bar-Entry System
    • add custom entries (directories, files)
    • reorder entries
  • Added colour-tinting
  • Now uses the icon of the folder/file for display
  • Added ability to dock to each edge of the desktop
  • Fixed bug that occured when right-clicking recycle bin
  • Opening delays are now longer


  • Fixed "Black-Bar"-Bug again...
  • Added an automatic search for update feature
    • this feature will look on our website if a new update is available
    • this feature does NOT send any data other than the version request
    • you can enable and disable the feature in the options menu


  • Fixed a bug that positioned the bar wrong on startup
  • Bar will now update it's size when another toolbar changes the workingarea


  • The bar will now only update it's contents when something changes, not on every opening (could be a lot faster now)
  • Added Options for enabling and disabling Autohide
  • When using "Fixed-Mode" the bar is registered as a windows toolbar and will consume some desktop space


  • Fixed "Black-Bar"-Bug
  • Added Options
    • Opening Delay


  • Updated to Aeroglass
  • Added Options
    • Opening speed
    • Customizable folders


  • Initial Release